A Blogging Slump And A Nature Reserve

Over the past few months, I haven’t felt much blogging-related enthusiasm. I’ve found myself forgetting about my blog and then feeling bogged down by the obligation of it. So I’ve decided to mix it up, just a little bit. I want to have some fun with blogging again, so I’ve decided not to review so many books here anymore. I’ll still talk about books though.

I remember reading somewhere that boredom sparks creativity; sitting doing nothing sparks ideas because your brain has to occupy itself. It is always entertained when it has a Wi-Fi connection, or when it’s playing a game. So with this in mind, at the weekend I decided to go for an eight-mile walk around a nearby nature reserve. I wanted to keep myself from being distracted and I wanted to be in the moment, properly.

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Nice morning walk at #Attenborough #Nature Reserve

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I watched herons fly across the river and learned about the various birds and fish and animals who live nearby. I generally prefer wilderness to a carefully planned nature reserve, but this was what I needed. The blackberries were young and green – in a few weeks they will be juicy and ready to be picked. Nature’s colours are more vivid in the summertime. I, literally, took the time to stop and smell the flowers. I can spend too much time staring at screens, and I can spend too much time in my head. Spending some time outside in nature rectifies this a little.

I want to enjoy blogging again, I want to be excited by this medium again. I have a few books I’d like to talk about, but I also want to blog about other things as well.

This is quite navel gaze-y. I promise it won’t stay like this!