Moving On

I’m having a full-on quarter-life crisis. Over the course of one month (admittedly, it was way back in August and September), I got married and handed in my master’s dissertation. I’ve been both working and in education for a very long time and I feel that my education days are behind me. I’ve also changed my name. I feel different.

I was excited about starting this blog. I set it up after I finished my English degree. I can see how my writing has moved on with it and I wrote this blog, sporadically, as I was completing a Creative Writing MA. I look back and I’m glad I got my voice into something even a little bit public. I tend to overthink these sorts of things and procrastinate: is that short story really ready? Should I really set up a blog? Should I give up writing this novel because it doesn’t seem exciting enough? So I’m glad it’s here.

And the bottom line is, I’ve changed my name and it’s funny how much of a change this can produce in your identity. All of this feels quite old. And nobody calls me Katharine. Honestly, I just thought it sounded more writerly.

So, I’m moving on. My new blog is (and in case you’re wondering, fellow feminists, it’s his surname too). I’ll be updating once a week. Come and visit me.