Internet Holidays

I had a week off work last week and it was great.

Amongst other things, I found myself reading at a pace I can’t remember reading at before. I read four novels in one week! Where was this speed when I was trying to complete an English degree? Perhaps the fact that I can now choose what to read helped. And maybe these books were less literary. Anyway, one other thing that I think helped most was that I spent less time on the internet.

I like the internet. You can see puppies wherever you are; you can take quizzes about which TV characters you are most like when you are supposed to be doing something more productive. Because the internet can eat away at your time and you can go to glance at something on a news website and before you know it you’ve lost an hour. It’s amazing what you can actually get done if you don’t venture on it much. There are lots of hours in the day!

I remember reading about a study which said that a good way to be creative was to be bored. But we can be so easily distracted now that we never have to be bored, stuck for things to do, if we don’t want to. When you have nothing to do your brain makes up things for you to do. Imagine that! I think that my time off the internet was the reason I got through so many books. My brain was less distracted, so I found that I was able to think more clearly.

On the back cover of my lovely Doll Hospital journal it states that they wanted to create a journal as a place away from toxic internet comments. Conversely, I only found out about this journal about womens’ mental health on the internet and it was funded by Kickstarter. Some internet is good for creativity, there are a lot of interesting things going on online at the moment. But so is some time off the internet. Last week, I felt more rested than I had in ages.

Maybe it’s good to connect but not good to over-connect. For now, I’ve stopped reading the more toxic websites and am just going to look at lovely and intelligent content. And maybe I’ll have another internet holiday soon. That’s the plan, anyway. Just after I’ve uploaded this photo to Instagram.