A Bloggy Makeover

As I have been running this blog for six months now, and my previous post was my 40th post, I have decided that this site could do with a makeover for its sort-of birthday. I’ve gone for a simpler style and I think that my content might become simpler. I’ve been reading more poetry and short stories recently and find that I am not so interested in novels and long non-fiction at the moment.

Also, although I said on my previous blog incarnation that I wrote about ‘books and other things’ I have not written about other things since July. I am also busy with my Master’s course and a new job and don’t have as much free time as I did over the summer. There are myriad reasons why I am craving shorter works. I’ll return to novels at some point, of course I will, I just go through a lot of phases.

So I think I’ll be experimenting with this blog over the coming weeks: I have no idea what I will write about but I think that’s a good thing.