My Fleeting Trip to Hay-on-Wye: Things That Aren’t Books

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I bought a lot of books in the town of books last week. But there are more things to see in Hay-on-Wye than bookshops (there are a lot of them, though, so I will talk about them a bit). Firstly, it was nice just being in Wales for a bit. I like looking around me and seeing hills, forests, a bit of scenery. It was nice just being away from a bigger town, and have patchy phone reception, for a few days.

I know the title of this post is ‘Things That Aren’t Books’, but bookshops and book-related art aren’t actual books, right? There was a lot of book related art around the town: even the graffiti was somehow about books. A really interesting bookshop was Murder and Mayhem, a crime fiction shop. You couldn’t miss it because there was an outline of a body pointing towards it on the street. The inside of it was decked out too; a lot of thought had gone into it.

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My favourite bookshop was Richard Booth’s bookshop. He opened the first bookshop in Hay-on-Wye in the 1960s, and named himself the king of the town. Today his old bookshop has a lovely collection of old and new books, a café where we tried some tasty Hungarian red wine, and a cinema. We didn’t go to the cinema as there was only one film on and it was Belle and I’d already seen it and blogged about it.

Because we were only staying for two nights, and my boyfriend had never been before, we tried to do as many of the bookshops as we could. Towards the end of our trip, however, even we were a little bookshopped out. There are a lot of interesting places to go and see around Hay-on-Wye that we didn’t get a chance to do – go to the Brecon Beacons for instance. If we’d have stayed longer we probably would have had a more varied time (and also tried more pubs).

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So apart from checking out the castle and looking at the hills and landscape we didn’t really get out to see much else (we only stayed for one full day). We tried tayberries, which I’d never had before. They look like raspberries but they’re longer and they taste much more sour. Also, I discovered that cooking on an Aga isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It was just nice to be somewhere new, even for a couple of days.


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